Ozzie Ausband

Laced -'tighter' than a nun on Easter sunday.

Some guys continuously run their A-game. Always on point. Teflon. Silky style & mad pop. Donny Barley. Christian Hosoi, Tony Trujillo &  Chris Miller…dripping style. There’s probably some new talent as well but I aint paying much attention to them unless they rip the roundwall. I recently saw a ‘thingee’ on Fuel. It was Sean Sheffey, & Peter Smolik….somebody stated that his “..shit was laced…” I fucking laughed because I’m old & didn’t know WTF they meant. Partain told me & I laughed again. I guess I get it. Why can’t something be called what it is? “If it quacks like a…”, you know? Anyway, here’s a few fuckers that keep their shit ‘laced’. Hell Yeah! Thanks JGrant Brittain for photograph.-Skate laced-Ozzie

Scott Oster, Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi.