Ozzie Ausband

Christmas @ Ridiculous.

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Chris, Shae, Brandon & Nathan- ready to feast!

This year, I figured that gathering a  Honeybaked ham, some goodies, and a few pool pals together, would be a perfect way to celebrate Xmas. I tossed the idea out there, and several people enthusiastically joined in to bring food & drinks as well. A bunch of regulars were invited & the session went off on Sunday. Lance Mountain stopped by briefly, and we sat together to watch 11 year old, Tristan Rennie work his magic on the pool. Lance leaned over to me and commented, “I wonder just how many sessions like this, are going on right now? You know?” I nodded & agreed. There had to be other skaters out there, that- simply -love the idea of getting a few friends together & skating during the holidays. I remember, back in Pennsylvania, we had sessions in Busters barn, Cheapskates, the Slug ramp & Woodward. It was pretty common, actually. It was a great day of feasting, skateboarding, and friends. Thanks to everyone that came & those that brought food. Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you to Scott Ward for being a super friend. Special thanks to Christopher Tietz, Brandon Wong & Sam Haines for the images. Go skate with your friends-Ozzie