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Volcom Bergfest

Jurgen Horrwarth BS Air 1st Place Pro

Some of the best skateboarders from Australia, the United States and Europe could be found skating this past weekend at the legendary  Monster Bowl in Münster, Germany at the fourth Volcom Bergfest. The enthusiastic crowd was just as international as the riders who delivered a high level of skateboarding and created a breathtaking atmosphere together with the crowd.. People from Sweden, Holland, Austria, Italy, Belgium and France celebrated a huge skateboard party. The concert by the punk rock veterans from  California, 'The Adolescents', was the cherry on the cake for this contest at the Berg Fidel skate park.


For the first time ever the Bergfest contest took place during two days. The qualification runs for the upcoming skaters of tomorrow was already held on Friday. The highlight of the first contest day was the Death Race which is a variation of a slalom race through the bowl landscape. Tricks are not important, the speed counts and for the second time the local skater Christian Krause was able to walk away with the win and 200 dollars in prize money.

Ben Hatchell front blunt. 2nd Place Pro

Ivan Federics- lien to tail. 3rd Place Pro

Berlin-based Jürgen Horrwarth was able to grab first place in the professional group with spectacular skateboarding, fast lines, high airs and impressive lip tricks. Just following up in second place was last year's winner, the American skater Ben Hatchell who laid down some incredibly technical tricks at the highest level. The biggest surprise of the Bergfest was the thirteen year old Ivan Federics from Italy who used the entire park in a creative manner and with loads of tricks. He was able to grab third place in front of Renton Millar from Australia. In the Masters group, first place went to the current reigning German bowl champion Thilo Nawrocki. The street skaters also had a lot to see during the weekend and were able to battle it out with some tough tricks for some prize money during the Globe "Battle of the Bergrail“.

Renton Millar - FS ollie. 4th Place Pro

The live webcast was also brand new this year. An entire camera team captured the whole contest in HD-quality making it possible to watch the contest around the world and the footage is available for the next few weeks online. Well-known personalities from the skateboarding scene were on the judging team. The American vert legend  Ben Schroeder was flown in for the contest to support the judges with his experience.


The Skatepark Bergfidel support group was extremely pleased with over 1,500 spectators at the event, thousands of webcast spectators and an international group of over 100 skaters participating in the contest: a great amount of feedback and a successful event.


More information: www.bergfest2012.com

Webcast - Volcom Bergfest 2012: new.livestream.com/volcomlive/bergfest2012



  1. Jürgen Horrwarth (35), Berlin, Germany
  2. Ben Hatchell (22), Texas, USA
  3. Ivan Federics (13), Caluso, Italy
  4. Renton Millar (37), Melbourne, Australia
  5. Andrea Casasanta (14), Roma, Italy
  1. Thilo Nawrocki (39),Düsseldorf, Germany
  2. Tobias Springborn (38), Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
  3. Oliver Gordon (32), Kufstein, Austria
  4. Daniel Beck (38), Echzell, Germany
  5. Jörg Caprez-Keller (41), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Am Division
  1. Fabian Wenzel (18), Münster, Germany
  2. Tim Turudija (19), Münster, Germany
  3. Sebastian Nienhaus (23), Senden, Germany
  4. Patrick Bormann (20), Münster, Germany
  5. Christopher Skubis (25), Hagen, Germany
Kids Division
  1. Lenni Janssen (11), Düsseldorf, Germany
  2. Eric Springborn (13), Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
  3. Leon Rüb (12), Velbert, Germany
  4. Dean Weidmüller (13), Meerbusch, Germany
  5. Jasper (13), Berlin, Germany