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Brad Bowman

Brad Bowman- Image: Sharp

Brad Bowman. Style. Legend. He rode for Sims back in the 1970's and he oozed style every time he stood on a skateboard. I asked Lance and Cab to tell us about Brad Bowman. Here is what they had to say. Thanks to Bill Sharp for the images. Skate- Ozzie
Steve Caballero
Brad Bowman... He's my Minki (said in an english accent) what's a Minki? Ask Bert Lamar, Steve Olson, Keith Meek or Scott Foss that same question... it's an inside joke/story. Two words come into my mind when I see Bowman on a skateboard... style and grace! Back in the day, looking through the pages of Skateboarder magazine in the late 70's, he stood out like a sore thumb. Not because it hurt to see him in the magazine, but because he looked so awesome in every skate photo I would see. I don't think the guy has ever taken a bad photo in the magazine! What he wore and how he kept his composure while on his deck was simply amazing and beautiful. I would always look forward to seeing more and more of him in the magazine. You could say he was known as a pretty boy with deep blue eyes, but his skating was just a beautiful and stylish to match.  I remember that I wore a red/white and blue Flyaway helmet, Molley Shorts and even a half shirt because of Brad Bowman. He definitely inspired me in many ways and I also tried to emulate his signature "early release" frontside airs at one time.  The dude was rad then and is just as rad today! I had the privilege to skate with Brad once again in Malibu and I must say, it sure was a pretty sight to see!

Brad at Malibu - Image: Sharp

Lance Mountain

Brad Bowman. Back then, skateboarding was changing fast.  Skateboarders were coming out of other places besides Santa Monica.  They were ripping and they looked great. That was the first thing I thought. These guys looked good when they skated. Skateparks were opening and new faces were being exposed. Brad had an earlier photo at Reseda in  Skateboard World. It was the Christmas issue of 1977.  That photograph  was the first one of him that I remember. Backyard square pool, frontside wheeler on the split gutter. We watched as Brad went on to be one of the mot stylish skaters of all time. He also had one of the most memorable interviews in Skateboarder magazine ever. I remember thinking he was always right at the top  of contest placings throughout Gold Cup. Lets not forget his love of New Wave and his early release frontside airs. - Lance Mountain

I posted this in 2012 but thought it needed reposted. I have skated with Brad a few times and spoken to him at length. He is one of the most mellow and stylish legends I’ve ever met. - Ozzie