Ozzie Ausband

'Driven out'

Uncharachteristically, I was watching some news today. I try to be hopeful, but it waxes & wanes. Peering at the TV, I wasn’t really that optimistic in hoping to find something new, beyond the horror that regularly wastes our planet & speeds humanity towards oblivion. I’m reminded of ‘The Samples’ song, where Sean Kelly sings, “…and the world goes half the speed, of what it takes.”

The media tried to pawn some feel-good, gobbleygook our way…but I saw behind it. Seeing old Christian women feeding soup to LA homeless amid tinsel, decorations & beaming politicians does little, to make me feel like we live in a better world. I think we need to end our pride & selfishness. That would certainly be a start.

I gave away old skate stuff to a few  kids in a nearby town. I’m broke, but they have less, it seems. They looked lost. They seemed ‘driven out’.  It was cold & windy. They were wandering the graffiti -spattered streets; cheerless. It seemed as though they lost all hope. Hope is never a bad thing to instill. A small amount of hope, can do a great deal of good.

I saw few decorations & lights in their neighborhood. I saw grime, poverty & discarded alcohol bottles. I saw refuse & reeking puddles. I saw ignorance, squallor & apathy. Concerning those kids; I hope they can move ahead. I hope a loving presence instills good in them. I hope they see the future & smile. I hope they dream good things. I hope. Thanks to Jim Goodrich, for the image & The Fixx, for the inspiration. Skate-Ozzie

“So now I’m driving in my car, I used to be able to walk this far. Now I turn on the light, I used to be able to sleep at night. I’m cooking with microwaves, to warm up food, thats not seen the soil, I’m plugged into my TV, I’m used to the lies they’re telling me…telling me…”   The Fixx.