Ozzie Ausband

Tim Brauch practice

Daniel Cuervo- kiss the sky

Practice has been raging the last few days in anticipation of the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest. It has been super hot and super heavy. There were a few moments when we had to regulate the groms as they were dropping in on McGill, Elguera and Cabbie. They were taking three runs to each one of theirs. That just couldn’t be left alone. I had to say something. I let them have it and order quickly returned. It didn’t last. Close calls, slams and Duane Peters crushing all in his wake…  he was reigning supreme.

Duane Peters- crushing.

Colton Woods- FS Invert

Tristan Rennie

Max Jenson- Indy

Colton Woods is on a tear as is Max Jenson, Tristan Rennie and a few others. There is a huge leap in ability these days. It seems that every year, more insanity is thrown down. The bar is raised. See you tomorrow at Lake Cunningham . Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie