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Chris Miller - Dew Tour Diary

Image: Crosland

Chris Miller

“Before I get into my impressions of day one of the Dew Tour In Ocean City let me mention a couple of important bits of information.”

“The bowl itself is the first ever, and probably only, portable concrete bowl in existence. I designed it, with input and insight from guys like Lance and Bucky, and it was engineered and fabricated by Spohn Ranch Skateparks. The guys at Spohn came up with an incredible system of interlocking metal frames, filled with perfectly smooth precast concrete that form the walls of the bowl. The flat bottom and waterfall are then poured in place each time it’s set up. This is the third event with the bowl and it’s actually more perfect than the first time.”

“Many were riding it for the first time and a few had ridden it twice before at last years Dew Tour events in OC and Portland. Bottom line is it was a day to stretch out, find some lines and feel things out. Unfortunately the day was a mix of rain and sun and every time there was a shower the city had to clear the entire venue for lightning safety reasons. The all day stop and start was a bummer but didn’t stop everyone from shredding the bowl each time it was dry enough.”

Miller, Cab, Richards, Hosoi, El Gato- Image: Crosland

“In the morning I sat next to Cab, Hosoi and El Gato and watched the new generation take to the bowl. A few highlights in my mind were Mike Owen blazing, Austin Pointer’s effortless style, Zach Miller, Sky, J Rod and Tom Tom the wonder child.”

Willis Kimbel's cruiser

“Wide open speed lines seem to work the best in here. In that vein, I particularly enjoyed Willis Kimbel warming up on some giant cruiser wheels. Silent, floaty and fast as hell. Rain, shine, rain, rain, rain. Let’s hope for less rain and more shredding on day two.” - Chris Miller