Ozzie Ausband

Wes Bulldog Humpston

Ray Flores pickup truck Wes Humpston at 'Gonzales' 1977 When I lived in San Diego, I made contact with Wes & we started hanging out once in awhile. This was in the late 1990s, before he reintroduced BDS to the world. He was working as a graphic artist at the time. Wes brought his kids over to the Mission Valley Skate Park when I had events & we all drove up to Gonzales pool together when I had my birthday session there. It was amazing to be sitting in ‘Gonzales’ backyard with him & the others….I was tripping. Wes doesn’t suffer fools easily. I have seen & heard him slay people for various infractions at one time or another. You don’t want to be on the losing side of Wes & his wrath! His artwork is iconic. He has made legendary boards. I have already started working on a Wes Humpston interview post & will be getting together with him in the future for a Q & A. Thanks Wes for all you’ve done. Thanks to Rudy Manheim for the images. Skate & remember your history. - Ozzie Bulldog Skates