Ozzie Ausband


August. 1989. She lay by the pool. Water glistened on her skin. Eyes poured over her body from every direction. She was all things to all men. Illusion. Silk. Legs. Lies. She was whatever they wanted her to be. I looked over at her and caught a smile…  I turned my attention back to where it should be. The pool was a concrete ‘shoebox’ hole in the ground. I’d still take it though. I’d drain it & build quarter pipes at either end. Alas- it wasn’t to be. Time worries away even the strongest foundations…. The hotel went bankrupt. The pool was abandoned. Boards covered the buildings windows. Drugs and crime crept under the doors & oozed their way onto the property. The girl with the sun-kissed skin was long gone. Trees had grown up to reclaim the sky above. Shade & leaves fell. Rainwater became stagnant…  a lost concrete hole in the ground. Skate- Ozzie