Ozzie Ausband

desert drive-by

A few months ago, Al Brunelle, Ben Bridgers and I went out and drove east on a Monday morning. We did a little desert drive-by. Armed with a pump, brooms, buckets and our skateboards, we found a few, cleaned and drained one that Brandon found and put some trucks on the coping. The sun was high in the sky, the air crisp and clear and the day was pretty rad altogether. At this one pool, Al saw a pool light plate on the virgin kidney we were draining. I told Al that if he wanted it, he had to do the deathbox first. The kid pushed in and crushed it! He earned his plate….

On the way home, we talked and were laughing about how simple and unique pool skating really is. It reminds me of old backyard ramp sessions back east. You gather up a few good friends and get busy. No ego, no agenda, just fun. I like that. We had a good time that day just cruising around, finding pools and hanging out. Thanks to Al Brunelle and Ben Bridgers for the awesome day. Thanks to Brandon Wong for the kidney pool. Thanks to Ben Bridgers for the images. Skate- Ozzie