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Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

[caption id=“attachment_1512” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“Steve Hawk, Danny Way, Tony Alva & Bruce Logan”]

Steve Hawk, Danny Way, Tony Alva & Bruce Logan[/caption]

Ozzie, TA

Ozzie, TA
Our crew- me, Katy, TA, Mike Early & his tribe.

Our crew- me, Katy, TA, Mike Early & his tribe.
TA interviewed by Neal Hendrix for Fuel TV

TA interviewed by Neal Hendrix for Fuel TV

myself w Dave Hackett

Bruce Logan

Alvas Hall of Fame board

The wall of power!

My friend Tony Alva, couldn’t make it out to my birthday BBQ last week. I wanted him to come & meet my pool pals and skate but he was ill after a week in Europe. He phoned me a few days back & told me he wanted me as his guest the night he is inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. I would be going with TAs good friend, Mike Early as well. Gulp! “Of course I’ll be there!”

Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Bruce Logan & Tony Alva were being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Historical moment! When I was a scrawny kid in PA, I would see photographs in ‘Skateboarder’ magazine of Bruce Logan with Torger Johnson just killing it…all  style & speed. There is a poster that Tony Alva has in his shop hanging on the wall. It is of himself at Wallos ditch in Hawaii, tucked low, knees tight, one arm arched high overhead, flowing at Mach 5 in a transfer down the line. If I recall, he is wearing a Logan Earth Ski team jersey & low cut Vans. The poster is epic!

Seeing the Logan family at the event was exciting & humbling for me. Like the way you catch your breath when you see a movie star? All that they did as a family, is what makes me what I am. They built skateboarding in many ways. TA was sponsored by Logan and subsequently went on to become who he is…all because of the Logans. Its amazing. Walking around, I spoke with Lance Mountain, Dave Hackett, Andy Macdonald, Dave Bergthold, Danny Way, Dave Swift, Aaron & Des Astorga, Michael Furukawa of Powell, George Powell, Jeff Ho, Todd Swank, Steve Van Doren, Larry Balma and Adrian Demain…among others.

It was a complete privilege to be allowed the opportunity of a lifetime & witness these four receive the honor they truly deserve. The Logan brood spoke of how during contests, they would let the others;  ie– Brad & Robin– compete first. They would save Bruce Logan for last and then he would soundly whip everyone! Steve Hawk…Tonys brother,  who accepted his award for him, told a funny story about their mom, Mrs Hawk. Steve said that whenever they travel, its usually only a few minutes before Tonys mom will corner a stranger to say, “I am Tony Hawks mother.” Bragging rights for sure!

Danny Way spoke briefly about always wanting to push himself harder & do more difficult things. He spoke about his numerous injuries and flatly stated, “I’m not done.” “ You’ll have to wheel me away when I cannot go on.” Amazing. He wanted us to remember Mike Ternasky & all he did for the sport.

Tony Alva spoke of his journey & what it has taught him…about the good and the bad. He told us to never forget Andy Kessler, Torger Johnson, Bobby Mohr, Baby Paul Cullen and the other broken heroes that went too soon. It was a special night. I apologize for the photographs and poor quality. I was using a digital point and shoot. I just wanted you all to experience our collective history. Never forget where we came from and what we are. Special thanks to Des Astorga for the group photograph…Skateboarding rules.- Ozzie