Ozzie Ausband



If you ride pools for awhile, you run into pools that are super slippery. Many times, the chlorine eats at the surface of the paint or plaster, algae builds up, or the paint disintegrates and the surface is difficult to skate. We try different things to eliminate the slickness. Muriatic acid works. It is found in the pool chemical section at Home Depot and is around ten bucks for two gallons. Mix it in a bucket - half water, half acid. Wear a mask. Again: wear a mask. The fumes will burn your lungs… Mop it on heavy top to bottom. You can rinse or leave it on and then dry. I’ve had mixed results with both methods. I think it depends on what surface is being treated. Paint vs plaster. Try a small section and see. Another way to eliminate slippery surfaces is old-fashioned. Skateboarding 101. Grab a two liter bottle of orange soda (it usually has the most sugar) and spray the surface top to bottom. Leave it on and rip it. The bees may come but the surface will be grippy. It won’t last though.


The great thing I use, is something Lance Mountain and I came up with. You buy Kilz 2 primer. Water based outdoor primer. Kilz brand works best because its very flat and dries fast. You buy a small tray, a big sponge and sweep the pool out. Mix two thirds paint with one third water. Stir it up and start daubing it over the surface.


I know it sounds ridiculous, but this morning I did an entire pool in about an hour. It was an ice skating rink. An hour later, we were riding and it was super grippy and perfect. When pool skating, you are on your toes and heels quite often and slippery surfaces are a problem in maintaining speed. This is a great solution. The best thing is that Kilz lasts. Rain and riding won’t wear it away. It cost me eighteen dollars to do an entire pool. Just thought I’d help. Thanks Rick, Corey and KB. Skate - Ozzie