Ozzie Ausband

Return to Magoo's


He sat on the side of the bed and shivered. Bones aching. His nose was running and his stomach spasmed, a convulsing knot. Drug life. He pondered. The oncoming dark? The element had become everything. Angelic. Insidious and sensual… Magoo slipped the rubber tourniquet around his right forearm arm and squeezed. What veins remained in that arm, began to bulge and thrum. They cried out like tiny mouths…  There is no hell that compares to opiate withdrawal. Magoo knew…  his legs trembled. A puncture, a pullback, blood spilled oily and vivid into the syringe. He pushed with one finger and felt the drugs piss down his spinal cord. Killed. A bit at a time. There would be no other view. After his last arrest, he had finished eighteen months and was cut loose from the Penitentiary early. Overcrowding. The weapons violations were what really fucked him. The judge didn’t like him. Magoo didn’t care. He didn’t really like himself very much either… What was to like? He had returned to the house in the San Fernando Valley two weeks ago. His parents had given it to him in the 1970’s. A sister in Phoenix had kept it locked up and in the family name while he rotted away behind bars. “Nice of her…” he thought. During his heyday, he had floated her loans of a few thousand dollars from time to time. It was okay with him. He had money piled in shoeboxes. He actually didn’t even know what to do with it sometimes… That had been back then. The good old days. There certainly were no shoeboxes of money laying around now. The heroin lulled him.


He lit a cigarette and idly sat in a chair. The sun glimmered through his window. A ceiling fan spun in a lazy arc above him. Tireless. His eyes felt heavy and his palms itched. Drifting. Awhile later, Magoo heard a noise in the backyard. He reached the sliding glass door in three quick strides. Someone was in the swimming pool… ‘


What the fuck are you doing? You’re trespassing!” A head slowly appeared as the person walked up out of the deep end of the empty pool. He grinned sheepishly at Magoo. “Hey man” he mumbled. Magoo laughed in spite of himself. “Picciolo. “I should’ve known it would be you…”

Thanks to William Sharp for the image. Skate - Ozzie