Ozzie Ausband

Classic Favorites - Idyllwild

February. 1998. Stopping in Oceanside, I met up with Shaggy and we drove out into the Badlands. We drank beer and skated. We explored the endless grid. Concrete. Dead lawns. Boarded up windows. Forgotten families and the futility of it all. The sun was high over head when we found this little gem. We took one look into the pool and knew that we would roll in it …  simple as that. Our eyes shone. Happiness. Alcohol-fueled fun. We drove home through the dwindling afternoon. The sky burned and trees etched themselves black. Desolate. Solemn. It was winter still. I breathed deep and contemplated my evening. A glittering gathering with strangers? My fickle feelings hidden underneath the liquors dull embrace. Evening will fall as the sun lends itself to the other side of our world. My street. A sullen house. An asphalt driveway. One lone light yellowing the window. I put my skateboard on the floor. I knock back another bitter pill. A storm descends on the city. The wind picks up. Moaning. Branches outside wave to me from trees that were old when I was young. I wonder what they’d say to me… “We know exactly what you are!” A street light winks as if I’m involved in its secret conspiracies. Time ticks. The storm diminishes and it all becomes as still as the truth. Thank you to Rhino for the image of Shaggy. Skate- Ozzie