Ozzie Ausband

these are things we can't ignore

Bruno Passos - front lip transfer

Bruno Passos. He currently has more skill and style than most people develop in a lifetime. He’s thrown down some pretty remarkable things in the backyard sessions I’ve been on with him. We had this pool called the Colossus. A massive Roman end. Salba found it years ago. 1990’s. It was a monster. Bruno came out and front lipped from facewall to sidewall. It was a pool riding lesson by a master. He was like a magician. Bruno floated. Illusion.

I sit here in the half light of my room at Ridiculous. It was a long day. I drove quite a bit and traffic was its usual uplifting experience. Humanity. The streets of Los Angeles thronged with those that have and most that have not. Discrepancies. A filthy man bumped into me and asked me for money. A leper leering at the gate. Reeking of something terrible, he mumbled through splintered black teeth and disappeared into the colorful crowd.  I shrugged. I didn’t need the five dollars anyway. On arriving at Ridiculous, I watered my plants, ate veggies and showered. Band Of Horses plays on my Ipod. I am weary. I peer up at this image of Bruno and am grateful that I was there that day. I am happy to know him. For that brief moment, Bruno made the world a better place. This is something I can’t ignore. In our disintegrating world, look for good…  then pass it on. Skate- Ozzie