Ozzie Ausband

Angelo's 50th

Angelo with the ruckus just getting started.

Angelo had his 50th birthday party. It was to be a non-skating type of evening. Music, good food and dancing. Most of the guests were not skateboarders so…  As the day dwindled and the guests began arriving en masse, Angelo, Pat Ngoho, Brandon, Tyler, Trevor, Chris, Wesley, Tony Alva and a few others decided to do a quick run through the pool. Bill Sharp was on hand and grabbed his camera to document.


Pat Ngoho - always makes the cut

I herded a few folks over to the pool… One well dressed gentleman asked me, “How are skateboards ridden in a pool? What about the water?” I gently took him by the elbow and escorted his wife and him through the archway leading to the pool. His eyes became larger as he saw the clover pool come into view. His questions ceased and he became silent. Truth in all its naked glory. Trevor put one over the hip about chest high. The man smiled. At last, he understood.


Chris- up on top

Brandon- lien to tail under a watchful eye

There was a terror train running in the clover as Alva, Angelo and the boys quickly followed each other in a long line to speed through the pool. People were stoked and although they didn’t know what stoke even was…  they felt it. That was the important part. When someone finally feels stoke, they realize what’s missing in their own lives. These people watched and I think they understood.

Tyler rocked more than this boardslide at Angelo's party...

Tyler, TA, Brandon and me

Angelo and the musical entertainment

Angelo turned fifty. He doesn’t act or look like it. That is a good thing. I watched the revelry  that night. Libations. The dance floor was packed. The music pulsed up into the darkness. Everyone was having a great time. As for Angelo,  he had more fun than anyone. Thanks for the party, the fun and a thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate. Thanks to Bill Sharp for the images. Skate- Ozzie

burn baby burn