Ozzie Ausband


With the world of self-importance, grandstanding, and personal idolatry, comes a price we must be prepared to pay. Narcissism costs. It can be very, very expensive. Me.Com/My Face/Spacebook. All are -ultimately-utilized by some, as a way to promote self-importance & arrogance.  I am not immune to these myself. I have played a part in it…calling it “keeping in touch” or “reaching out to old friends”. This is just my opinion only. You can see it everyday. Look around yourself without concentration…use only calm awareness. We all want to belong; to be accepted. I feel that this internal need to be a part of a group is an odd sociological function of human beings. I think it odd because people will be a part of ‘anything’, as long as they can know that they belong to ‘something’. I guess I’m rambling.  As far as I am concerned…like the saying goes— “I may not be much, but I’m all I think about!” Today,  is all about me! I could’ve lied & wrote about all the emails I receive, telling me to post photographs of myself skating. I could’ve…but you all know I receive no such requests. So, there we are. Me. In the words of my friend PK—“I’m always cheering for me.”(By the way–I am being facetious)-Go Skate-Ozzie —-thanks to Kyle Lightner, Dan Bourqui, Brian Walnum and Heverton Ribeiro for the images.