Ozzie Ausband


Amelia Brodka

I believe in women in skateboarding. I have supported girl riders all the way back to the early 1990’s when I was Director at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. They are here to stay…  It is a very good thing. I will be covering this event and I hope everyone will make an appearance. It sounds like a fun day! - Ozzie

Thank you to Julian Bleecker for the image.


Come on out to Clairemont Nov. 3rd! Whether you’re skating, want to learn, or just want to watch, come support women’s skateboarding as well as the non-profit Human Options. We’re raising scholarship funds for victims of domestic violence.

The event will feature learn-to-skate clinics from 9-11AM and then we will kick off the string of contests: AM bowl, PRO bowl, AM vert, PRO vert and wrap up with a “first to 540 jam.” Will you be the next female to land a 540? Mike McGill will be there to judge…

DO YOU WANT TO SKATE OR VOLUNTEER? e-mail  amelia.brodka@gmail.com