Ozzie Ausband

back around

blue haven fun 1995-belmar, me, rucks & reuler same hole-refurbished 2010 chuck hults michael serna jr. Sometimes, you can go back! There was a time back in the mid 1990's, when I would fly out from Woodward to San Diego & visit twice yearly. I would stay with Andy Mac, Rhino & Pstone in San Diego. We would drive all over, riding pools with Salba & the crew, riding Baldy...the Nude bowl.....awesome times! I was never really any good at backyard pools, but I sure loved them. It took me a long time to learn shallow ends & develop speed. Its been a long, painful process. This pool is one of the backyard holes that Salba took us to. It was September of 1995, I believe. I really recall liking this pool because the deep end bowl was so huge & rideable. When we rediscovered it, I realized that--although it was a fairly decent pool--it wasn't nearly the 'gem' I remember it being. Such is life. Regardless, it is great to be able to go back & hit it again...it has been fifteen years. The pool was re-tiled, painted & refurbished. They keep doing the things they do...painting, filling, & rendering them unrideable & we will keep checking back, draining & serving up a big heavy session on them! Thanks to my pool pals for the images. Skate-Ozzie