Ozzie Ausband

Chris Miller / Guest Post

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Chris Miller

“When I look at this, it stirs a feeling that is like a dream. Not really any hard memories from that day. Almost like it’s somebody else, except I know it’s me. I am reminded of the heat and smog of the Upland air, and the nervous energy of a skate contest. I remember the surface of that pool, rough in some spots and polished slick in others. The huge brown coping like a force of nature trying to send you to the flat bottom… More of a cornice than coping. I can tell by the angle of the board and my back foot what’s happening here. I am at the edge of control, maybe past it, going twice as fast as I want to be and hanging on like my life depended on it. My board scooped, tail above me, the inside of my back foot all the way against the grip. Higher and faster than that board or bowl were meant to be ridden, on edge, playing with fire and trying not to explode. I am not sure what event this is… I think it was before I was pro and could be Rusty Harris or the Upland turkey shoot? I don’t know, but I do see Frank Hawk on the deck and I am pretty sure that’s Lester Kasai in the channel. My use of duct tape is pretty impressive… front coper only, a very flat looking board with almost no nose. Those were the times.” - Chris Miller
 Thank you to Glen E. Friedman for the image and thank you to Chris Miller for the memories. Skate- Ozzie