Ozzie Ausband


Saturday morning, I awoke early-as usual- and gathered my board & pads. I grabbed a quick coffee & ‘Powerbar’, then headed west on the 210 towards Pasadena. Traffic was minimal & I found myself in Studio City in a bit over an hour. I met up with Tony Alva & we hit an AA meeting. We then drove over to his house, grabbed his gear & headed over to Pedlow park to cruise a few runs. The pool is big & mellow; very wide open. I put my knee pads & helmet on, then pushed around the deck to the deep end. TA was being ‘sort -of’ bombarded, with people wanting to say ‘Hi” & get autographs…I left him to deal with that stuff. I dropped into the pool in the deep end, cruised the shallow, hit the right side wall, frontside grinded, then proceeded to get a ‘wheelbite’ and immediately received the beatdown. I landed on the pool bottom, elbow & hip first. Crunch! I was in shock. My body wouldn’t even function for a few seconds. I slam hard, I will tell you all…I really can ‘take one for the team’. However, this was completely a mind screw. I was flowing & all was right with the world, then BLAM! I slowly walked out & sat down. TA was only just putting his helmet on, thats how fast it occurred. I ended up obtaining ice within an hour, when TA and I stopped for some fish tacos. My arm looks grotesque & deformed. It truly is the worst ‘swellbow’ I have ever had. So, here I am, trying to type out my absurd stories of falling & failing through life…so you can just sit there, reading & laughing at my continued physical self-abuse. Thank you for reading. I suck. Thanks to MRZ for the images of skaters riding the park appropriately & doing a damn fine job. Skate-Ozzie