Ozzie Ausband

Jimmy Wilkins / Paul Luc Ronchetti

Jimmy Wilkins- front lip death

Jimmy Wilkins and Paul Luc Ronchetti came by Ridiculous a few days ago. I skate with them at the DC/Monster ramp when I’m down in San Diego from time to time. We always have fun and I consider them both to be super talented vertical skateboarders and wonderful human beings… In a world full of ego’s and people that are out for themselves, these two are in a class by themselves. Paul Luc has a powerful style and I’ve seen him recently skate Bucky’s. Primarily a vert ramp skateboarder originally from the U.K., he has recently taken to riding round wall and has adapted rather quickly. From the first time I saw him skate Bucky’s over the sumer until this past weekend, there has been a tremendous change in his approach. His skating is superb. We went to leave Ridiculous and he told me that he’d never skated a real backyard pool. I was quite happy to help him in his dilemma. Pool skating should be shared. Carefully.

Paul Luc Ronchetti- rock-n-roll mid cup

We went to the Bubble and swept it out. Paul and Jimmy quickly found the rhythm and things went down. Jimmy Wilkins has a great style. I tell people that I think he is the second coming of Buster Halterman. Jimmy has a gnarly list of tricks and throws down one of thee best frontside ollies in the business. We rode the Bubble, got some grinds and tricks and had fun. We headed out to eat and then ended the day at Ridiculous. After riding the Bubble, our pool felt like a skatepark bowl and everyone turned it up a notch. Airs, Smith grinds, disasters and other things were put down. It was a great day out. Thanks to Paul & Jimmy for making the drive.  Skate- Ozzie