Ozzie Ausband

Sometimes, its better not to understand.

As you are already aware, I posted a Chris Miller interview last week. Given the topic, it was greeted with enthusiasm. Thank you for reading. I received a few extra images from JGrant Brittain & this was one of them. Its hard for me to understand, how someone can get over that door! I see the image…but I’m still in disbelief. Maybe, I am not supposed to know. Its enough that Chris Miller & others like him can do it. I felt the same way after seeing Bob Burnquist wheel marks, in the dust, at 12 o’clock, on the ceiling of Baldy pipe…I stood there & stared. It was like skating with Salba, Tony Farmer, Sean Mazzo, Rick Charnoski & Buddy Nichols today. What a ‘wrecking crew’ of pool skaters! I wasn’t feeling it, so I grinded a few, then sat back & watched. I enjoy watching a heavy session just as much as skating in one. Sometimes, I have to know my place. Today was epic. Amazing things occurred. Some skaters simply operate at an entirely different level. Watching others re-establish the lines of what is possible on a skateboard, lifts everyone up…even if only for a moment. I cannot get that, sitting at home in front of a television. Anyway, enjoy. Chris Miller rules. Thanks to JGrant Brittain for the image.Skate- Ozzie