Ozzie Ausband

The Collector.

IMG_1050[1]IMG_1051[1]trucksIMG_1139[1]IMG_1052[1]John Fowles wrote a novel in 1963 called ‘The Collector’. Its a powerful story of passion, sexual slavery and evil. I own a copy & like the novel immensely. However, in the late 1980s, Leonard Lake & Charles Ng read this book & subsequently acted out its pages in the real world. They started ‘Operation Miranda’, named after the character in the novel. In doing so, Lake & Ng unleashed a fury of sexual perversion, human slavery & death on perhaps as many as 50 innocent victims. I don’t know why I tell you this, but I know that it’s far healthier to collect old skateboards than it is to collect sex slaves. Leonard Lake was captured and ate a cyanide capsule; dying before justice could be meted out. Charles Ng, ran for Canada, was extradited & tried in Orange County Ca. He was found guilty-obviously- and awaits his day with a well-deserved fucking needle! Scumbags! Regardless…here is a pool pal ‘booyah’, to the skateboard collector. This is a great big ‘Fuck off’ to the sex offenders and just a bit of advice to them….in the interest of self-preservation; stay out of our neighborhoods!  Skate - Ozzie

Thanks to Marlon Whitfield for being ‘The Collector’ (skateboards) and for the photographs.