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Alex Perelson

Alex Perelson

Alex Perelson is an enigma wrapped up inside of a puzzle complicated by silence. When I ran the Mission Valley YMCA park in San Diego, I recall the Perelson brothers coming to skate camp there. They were both very young. It is a decade later and both are riding extremely well…  It is awesome to see what they’ve become. Alex is very quiet. He listens. Words are like stones in his mouth. He won’t say much but he knows exactly what is going on around him.

BS Smith - Cradle

BS Tail

I rode pools with Alex and saw him on several occasions before we actually had a lengthy conversation. I asked him a bunch of questions. I do that often. Alex didn’t seem to mind. He talks once he gets to know someone. I like the way he is. He has his own opinion on things and is bright and insightful. He also rips better than everyone. I don’t think he knows that though… Alex Perelson is the real deal.

FS Rock


He came out to ride pools this past weekend and riding with him were: Sam Beckett, Josh Stafford, Omar Hassan, Salba, Bunk and Al Brunelle. It was actually a spur of the moment occurrence. I was fairly certain that I was working & couldn’t get the pools drained anyway. On Friday, I found myself with a half day & things sort-of fell in order. I drained a few, received permission on another and the plan was set on Friday evening. It is interesting to see what these guys can do in a pool. Omar, Sam, Alex and Josh are mostly vert riders, yet once they worked out the shallow end and the quickness of the backyard pool, all of them ripped. I wrote a story on the day and photographs are–hopefully–coming soon. Here are a few of Alex. He has a super -smooth style and I personally think he is the future of vertical skateboarding.  Thanks to Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie

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