Ozzie Ausband

Aerial at Arto's


Archer Braun

The highway was a tangled mess. It is a good thing we came prepared. Plenty of snacks and drinks kept the pain at bay. Some of the crew drove up from San Diego. Kevin, Amy, Oscar, Rylan, Luke and Archer all met up with MRZ and I in Long Beach. We pulled a caravan the rest of the journey. We arrived at Arto’s and the crew proceeded to immediately clean out the leaves and tree debris. The cooler and drinks were set up, the pads were put on and the ripping commenced. Luke didn’t waste time and some speedy lines were put down within minutes. Rylan isn’t a slouch. His frontside 5050’s were full tilt and full on. Archer stepped up to the deathbox and quickly made five dollars off of me with a frontside feeble over it. Ch-ching!


Luke McCabe- Backside Smith

Rylan Mancilla- Frontside 50-50
Me- Fakie Hangup
Amy put together some fantastic sandwiches and once we ate, the crew quickly stepped back up to the bowl. It felt good to have everyone here together on this day. We were missing a few of our guys but they were with us in spirit. Ray Zimmerman took a few runs, got some grinds and then shot these photographs the rest of the afternoon. It was a great day out and I want to thank Arto, Wesley and the riders. Thank you Randy and John and thanks to Kevin and Amy. Thank you to MRZ for the images. Until next time…  Skate- Ozzie