Ozzie Ausband

Steve Olson / David Hackett

Bulky Olson and OG Slash in Paris
All terrain vehicles. Most of the early skateboard Pro's were exactly this. They rode everything. Most of them came from a surfing background. Style and flow was of paramount importance. If you didn't ride everything... you didn't really ride. Skateboarding has changed but --thankfully-- some things haven't. Steve Olson and Dave Hackett are two of the most influential skateboarders ever and they still ride everything.
Hackett in Paris
Olson in California
There is a growing number of young skateboarders coming up that ride street, pools, ditches and bomb hills whenever possible. Its a brave new world. A new order. It is now acceptable to roll through life riding whatever you want. The 'Street Gestapo' has been toppled from power. They are going away with their black-heeled jackboots and one hundred attempt trick video parts. If someone launches themselves off a set of stairs often enough, the odds are pretty good that eventually they will land back on their board! Is this skateboarding? I beg to differ.
Hackett- layback
Olson layback
Taking nothing away from the insanity that street skating has become, but there was a time when it defied logic. Those days are gone! Thank the Gods. All terrain is back. Steve Olson, Dave Hackett and the others laid it all out in its humble surf-oriented inception. If you ride a skateboard... ride everything. -Ozzie click for Aerial Action Sports all terrain skateboarding with Hackett/Olson
David Hackett Skateboarder cover
Steve Olson Skateboarder cover