Ozzie Ausband

Jim & Clayton Howell.

I remember waking up one cold, snow-filled, Christmas morning. I believe it was 1977. The smell of hot chocolate & bacon, filled the air. Bach or Vivaldi was playing on the big stereo in the corner. The pine tree smelled amazing & glittered like a prize in the front window; spangled in silvery tinsel, colored glass balls & festive decorations. I opened a package that my dad handed me. He had a grin on his face. It turned out to be a set of new skateboard trucks. Suregrip trucks, to be exact. I was so stoked. However, I bet my dad wasn’t though. After breakfast & for the entire duration of Christmas day, I was down in the basement, riding my quarter-pipes. FRUMP,CLANK, FRUMP,CLANK, FRUMP… My best pal, Jim Howell, has a son–Clayton. Jim makes sure of one thing always. Wherever they live, they have a place to ride.They have always had a ramp on their property. Clayton & Jim ride together regularly. Clayton…make sure you thank your dad! I want to thank mine as well. Thanks! Treat your family well today. Thank you to Brian Walnum for the images. Skate-Ozzie