Ozzie Ausband


“It is the surmounting of difficulties that make heroes.”-Louis Kossoth. I read this quote one day recently. I was reminded of Jeff Grosso. I had skated  Combi pool & ‘Ridiculous’ the other weekend with him. I asked him about his skating & he told me that he had recently started riding again. He had been off his board for almost a year. He was injured, you see?  Now, I’m 46 years old, and I know how difficult injuries are to overcome. Jeff is younger than I, but if he was off his board for almost a year, I knew his return was probably arduous…a difficult path to be sure. He rode Combi pool, with power, speed & style. Jeff was very approachable & mellow. He seemed happy to be riding his skateboard. It was inspiring to see him with Salba, Lance & Omar. Four pool riding greats under one roof. Inspiration. Thanks to Ray Zimmerman for the image. Go out & destroy some coping this weekend. -Ozzie