Ozzie Ausband

Gutter ballet.

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the usual for us...

the usual for us…
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typical sunday morning find...

typical sunday morning find...complete w floating diapers. ugh!

ignorance & hatred are a terrible combination.

ignorance & hatred are a terrible combination.

There are times when we, (Salba, Adam 12, Billy, Zask, Dan, PK, Michael, myself, etc), will find a pool and the area is so tore up & thrashed that it’ll take us a day or so to get it ready.  Squatters & meth-heads; arms with pathogenic, oozing sores, all hole up in the adjacent dirty rooms to share their calamity & poison among themselves. They are unfortunate. Somewhere, they were kicked sideways and decided to stay that way. I recently saw  neo-nazi graffiti on a wall in an abandoned house. I asked myself, “Just what didn’t these people learn the first time around?!” What we do is not for everyone. It is not for the squeamish or faint-at-heart. We get filthy. However, the holy grail is worth the quest. The ends justify the means. We seek out the roundwall; the backyard pools. They are not usually found in the upscale, highbrow area of town. So, if we need to get down in the gutter to do so, I am more than happy to do the dance! Skate strong- Ozzie