Ozzie Ausband

The Fall of Magoo



They’d been at each other for hours. Meth. Sweat. Matted hair across her forehead. Magoo stopped pumping and raised himself up on his elbows. “Shhhh….” The skinny girl under him started to reply as Magoo placed a hand over her mouth. He craned his head and listened. They both heard it then. Footsteps on the porch out front. Boots. Furtively… He pulled himself out of her and slid into greasy jeans. She pulled a sheet over her thin legs. He turned toward her to urge her to silence as the front door burst inward in splinters. The girl screamed then…  slow motion. Time stalled. Shouts. Gruff voices. “Los Angeles SWAT.”



There were commands. “Get on the floor motherfucker!”  ”Don’t move.”   The world was spinning. His face struck the floor as a really big bastard took him off of his feet. He was smelling the carpet. Knee in the back. Handcuffs wrapped his wrists behind him. Magoo lay there panting. Black boots were everywhere. He heard the girl cursing in another part of the house. Looking under the sofa beside him, Magoo saw his Heckler & Koch MP5. Black. Ominous. If only he had thought of it…  he seethed in restrained frustration. His wrists hurt. Magoo knew that it wouldn’t be long before they found the drugs and weapons. He was doomed. Laying there, he heard the police tearing the place apart. Pulled to his feet, he found himself looking into a stern face. “Hey fuckhead. Surprise. I guess you weren’t expecting us.” He said nothing as other officers exited another room, grinning in satisfaction. Magoo wasn’t surprised. He had already gotten over that part. He smiled back thinly as the officers soon walked by, carrying his weapons, drugs and cash. “Fuck!” he mumbled grimly.


They administered him his rights and soon led Magoo outside. He was slightly amused by the number of police vehicles and officers. They were treating him like he was Al Capone. He saw the thin leggy girl that he had met at the bike club last weekend. He shot her full of dope and used her for a few days. She was sitting in a cruiser nearby. “Just as well….” He  mused. He was getting sick of her anyway. They led him to another cruiser and stood him there. Looking toward the house, he watched in shock as an officer came walking around the side of the house with a person he recognized. “Picc?!” Magoo couldn’t believe it…  ”What the fuck?” His friend, Steve Picciolo was with an officer. Picc carried a skateboard under his arm. He heard the police talking to him. Questions. Picc looked worried. Magoo smiled in spite of himself as he heard Picc tell the officers that he’d come by to ride his skateboard in the pool. When Magoo didn’t answer, Picc had gone into the backyard and was cleaning the rainwater out of the deep end. He heard the police raiding the house minutes later. Officers had found him sitting in the deep end of the pool. Picc absently pointed at the bustle of law enforcement around them, “I thought I’d just sit there and wait it out… “

Steve Picciolo

Steve Picciolo

Thanks to William Sharp for the Steve Picciolo image.  Thank you Steve Picciolo for being such an awesome skateboarding inspiration. Rest In Peace. Skate- Ozzie

Magoo’s Part One