Ozzie Ausband

Eddie Elguera - Guest Post

Eddie Elguera
“I will never forget the first day I saw the legendary Nude Bowl. Here is my
recollection of our discovery and the first skate session at the historic skate spot
that was originally call “The Colony” named after a Nudist Colony Resort from back
in the 1950’s.”

“The day I, and my friend Kevin Skibba, who was also a Colton Skate Ranch local,
found out about this pool that was in the desert we had no idea that what we were
about to see would become a piece of skateboard history. A friend of Kevin’s was out
riding motorcycles and happened to see an empty swimming pool. Since he didn’t
skate, he wasn’t sure if the pool was good or not, so he told Kevin that he should
check it out.”

“After Kevin’s first visit he knew he was going to need more help to clean out the
pool. It had years of trash in it, so he gave me a call and asked me to give him a hand.
When we drove up to the top of that sketchy dirt road we saw an amazing sight! Yes,
the bowl was full of bullet holes, car parts, a palm tree stump, a motorcycle frame
along with the usual parasites, feces and much more, but it was a dream! A skate
oasis in the middle of the desert.”

“It took us a whole day of cleaning and some of the next day, but when it was all said
and done, the Nude Bowl was about to take it’s place in history. It was a beautiful site! The kidney shaped pool still has the light hole & the death box. I grabbed my board, strapped on my knee pads & began to carve around the bowl.” - Eddie Elguera

Thank you to Eddie Elguera for taking the time & providing images. Thank you also for his wonderful memories of the Nude Bowl. Thanks to Grant Brittain for the opening image. Skate- Ozzie