Ozzie Ausband

Dave Hackett and Duane Peters

Duane Peters corner grinds under the watchful eyes of David Hackett
Summer. Boiling point. It was sweltering at Ridiculous. David Hackett and Duane Peters were coming out to ride. We rode a few empty pools, swam in the neighbors pool and rode Ridiculous into the twilight. David Hackett can throw it down. He had padless rock-n-rolls, frontside grinds into the shallow and style forever. Duane was in full combat gunning mode. Fastplants and straight up assault were on his mind all day. He left blood at the banquet feast!
David Hackett
Duane Peters
It was a lesson by the masters. I watched and took it all in. In the end, they put a gun to my head and let me know my exact place in the grand scheme of things. I am no one. It's cool dudes. I know. I know. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate and respect your elders. - Ozzie
Hackett over a Duane about to put me under...