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New Blood / Alana Smith


Alana Smith

If you think that girls can’t skate and don’t deserve our attention for their skateboarding abilities, think again. Here are some facts about Alana Smith. Chew on this: Alana is the youngest X Games Gold medalist in history. She just won the Women’s Division at Vert Attack-8 and has successfully landed the gap and aired the quarter pipe of the Mega Ramp. That is just a few of the amazing things this young lady has done. She’s only getting started. Changing the game…  If you are a young woman out there skating and you need a role model, hitch your star to this girl. - Ozzie


BTO- How long have you been skating and why do you focus on vert, bowls and the Mega Ramp?

Alana-  I started skating when I was seven years old. I started skating bowls and pools with my skate coaches at KTR. My coach and friend –Chris Kelly– would always head out to the local skateparks and show me old school grinds and tricks in the deeper bowls. When I was nine years old, KTR built the vert ramp and it wasn’t long after that, I began taking trips up to Woodward. Once I saw Lyn- Z Pastrana skate the Mega Ramp, I was all over it.

BTO- Who influences you?

Alana- Zach Miller is an amazing bowl rider. Pedro Barros is always pushing the limits and makes me want to push harder to get crazier tricks.

BTO- What is your favorite video part?

Alana- The Girl/Chocolate video ‘Pretty Sweet’, Dreamland and Tony Hawk’s ‘Welcome to Independent’ are my top three. I don’t think I can take a flight without watching ‘Pretty Sweet’ at least once.


BTO- Tell us about your first Mega Ramp experience.

Alana- It was terrible. My first trip to the Mega, I had just fractured my arm right below the shoulder. I had to sit and watch my friends skate it all day and all I could do was think about how amazing it would be once I could do it. I think that I waited about four months before my mom let me on it. She cried and cussed the whole time I was rolling down the ramp. I think it helped make me less nervous. As soon as I hit twelve feet of air, I was hooked. It’s an incredible feeling to be flying in the air with your board.

BTO- Who is your favorite vert skater and why?

Alana- Bucky Lasek. He always has a good attitude. He always brings new and crazy tricks that no one has thought of.  When I think of Bucky, I think of a skater who never gives up.  He can be completely last in a contest and come out with a run that will give him first place. He’s always inspired me to be positive and skate hard.

BTO- Are there any tricks that you really want to learn?

Alana- Saran Wrap Body Jars and Frontside Nose Grinds.

BTO- Who are your sponsors?

Alana- DC Shoes, Hoopla Skateboards, KTR, 187 Killer Pads and Triple 8

BTO- Anything else?

Alana- I want to tell all of the girls out there to not be afraid to be in a male-dominated sport. You can be beautiful and you can be confident. It is important to believe in yourself. Have fun, work hard, never give up and always live your dreams.



Thank you to Mimi Knoop and Alana Smith. Thank you to Kam Krigel, Eddie Think and Lisa Whitaker for the images. Skate and support the ladies- Ozzie