Ozzie Ausband


our neighbors are just asking for it!

Over the last few years, I have lived at Ridiculous. There is a pool next door and its a real gem. It has been a swimmer just about the entire time I have been here. The old neighbors once let us swim in it whenever we wanted. They would come over to our skate parties and drink, hang out, watch and basically have fun. The people that moved in last year are a bit surly. They don’t swim. As a matter of fact, they rarely come outside at all. The pool sat. Unused. Algae began to grow as the pool filter ceased working. We asked if we could drain it and skate but were met with a negative response. In the last few weeks, they decided to drain it. We knew this because, a) we look over the wall regularly and,  b) they flooded our front yard. Being as we regularly flood many yards in our ongoing quest for the backyard plaster, we couldn’t really be angry. We smiled and waved like the good neighbors we are. Today, they packed the car and went off to work. Well, so did we!

Salba and Bunk

Salba and Bunk hopped over the wall. It looked like it was time to check these transitions once and for all. After three quick passes, both had grinded and then it became really interesting. Bunk pushed in and made the deathbox frontside and Salba pulled shallow end cup grinds. We were quietly stoked. We thought that we heard car doors slam and maybe they had been over the wall too long so they climbed back over into our yard. High fives were handed out. They took away only the fun and left only wheel marks. Skate- Ozzie

Bunk- frontside deathbox

Salba - shallow cup grind