Ozzie Ausband

Christian Hosoi


Christian Hosoi came to Woodward in 1992. He was larger than life. Style. Power. When he walked into the camp, the day just seemed brighter. Skaters wanted to be him and girls wanted to be with him. He flew so high on the blue steel vert ramp that it looked like he was being dropped by God out of the clouds. I stood on the deck and watched him doing back-to-back airs. I had to crane my neck to see him. It was absurd. Afterwards, we all sat around and talked. Christian was really funny and told us stories about different journeys he had been on and old contests he had competed in. History. Rivalries. Fun. Christian Hosoi has walked a road of sunshine, fame, wealth and pain. All roads don’t necessarily lead to Rome. With great heights, come greater risks. You topple far. Destruction and ruin. He has been there.


He has survived the two worlds of fame and its ever-present shadow: notoriety.  Many don’t. He now carries himself with grace and charm. He is the Christian Hosoi of old. He no longer takes the hand of the things that hold him down. He is high-flying, charismatic and inspirational. His salvation lends him a peace and serenity that once never existed in his life. He inspires to this day. Congratulations to Christian Hosoi for his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie