Ozzie Ausband

Greyson Fletcher

At the Protec Am contest a few months ago, there was a buzz going around. People were talking…  ”Greyson Fletcher.”  I saw him then. Lanky, quiet, unassuming. He kept his head down & equally kept to himself. He was a bit of a puzzlement actually. From all appearances and all the hype I was hearing, he really didn’t seem to fit the part. Then… Greyson dropped into the Combi pool. “Ahhh, I get it!” Padless and fearless, Greyson threw himself about the Combi’s concrete canyons at Mach speed. He went about 100 mph faster than anyone else and virtually every trick was hanging on the rubber of his shoes. When he skates, he is the personification of ‘exciting’. To watch him skateboard is a treat. I advise everyone to do so. He’s an inspiration.  Thanks to Arto Saari for the photographs. Skate and watch Greyson rip!- Ozzie