Ozzie Ausband

Chris Miller - Protec

Chris was last years Vans/Protec Masters winner. He has won many of the contests. I  recently asked him if he felt any pressure coming into this Protec. I questioned him about his preparations for the contest. I wondered if he was working on fresh lines or bringing anything new to this contest. This is what he had to say. - Ozzie

Chris Miller

“I don’t feel “pressured” in any negative sense, but I do care about how I skate and I always want to do well and ride to my personal best. With that comes an internal pressure that is creating a focus on my skating. It’s on my mind a lot right now. I am mentally skating Combi all the time… and I love it.”

“I always want to evolve and do something new every year and I have some new lines and combos this year that I’m really enjoying. Last August I hurt my knee and basically didn’t skate all winter, almost 4 months. Because of that, my greatest feeling is one of gratitude. I have been thanking the universe for my body and the bowl and the ability to fly around it. I love skating the Combi, contest or not.” - Chris Miller

Thank you Chris for taking the time with us & thank you to MRZ for the image. Skate- Ozzie