Ozzie Ausband

Auld Lang Syne.

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Every New Years Eve, is a time of reflection & inner-searching. We should search ourselves to try & find ways to better our lives & those around us. We should attempt to eradicate hatred, prejudice, and fear in our lives. It’s a time for keeping “our side of the street clean”. Every year, Salba & a few of us, try to gather on New Years morning. We attempt to start our year with positive vibes. We skate together. We say, “farewell” to the old, and welcome the  new. Please make it a safe exit this New Years eve & skate to bring in the new decade. Last year, we rode ‘Colossus’ pool. It hadn’t been ridden for ten years & suddenly, it reared its beautiful face to brighten our days, one last time. New Years day, we arrived at 630 am & commenced an ass-kicking. We won. One could spend the day with friends riding the worst kink-sink pool ever…and it would not be a day wasted! Happy New Year. Thanks to Seb Carayol & Peter King for the images. Skate into 2010. Ozzie

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