Ozzie Ausband

All they make you give.

[caption id=“attachment_1792” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“july 18th. 103 f….hot hot hot….”]

villa capsule 7-18-09 001[/caption]


3-14-09 028

blue haven hidden

3-14-09 034


vector control door magnets

nov 29 008

white sage randscraper 001

dec19 012

12-31-08 001

colton rialto 1-19 040

tobee-oz nite recon 008

mar 6th 015

3-12-09 005

3-14-09 024

Relentless. The name of the game is passion. Few skaters want to work for the privilege. It takes an inordinate amount of devotion to give all it takes.  In Salbaland, we do. It is what we are. I would have it no other way. Skate Long-Ozzie