Ozzie Ausband

Father's Day

Angelo and his dad... poolside

I love my dad. He gave me my love for books and words. He was a photographer among other things. When I was very small I would see him stride into the house. His long legs went up forever and his low voice rumbled. I only ever wanted to be him… Like I said, I love my dad. Angelo loves his dad as well. From his father he learned his no nonsense way of dealing with life. Angelo’s dad taught him to work hard, make something of himself, stay out of the other guys pocket and be self sufficient. “Once you learn to take care of yourself, then you can help others when needed.” You can’t carry passengers when your own train is derailed. Today, Angelo’s dad and mom came to the house. His family was all on hand.

Angelo- BS carve grind in front of his dad in the very bowl his father originally had built at Skate City.

David Hackett- decades of style with his wife and daughter on the deck

the first photo my dad ever took of me was an invert in 1979. At the time, I was thinking about Bill Sharp photos in Skateboard World Magazine. Today on Fathers Day, Bill Sharp shot this invert while I thought about my dads photo. Can anything be cooler than that?

We ate really well, laughed a bunch and skated hard. Angelo’s dad was responsible for the Whittier Skatepark and the original clover bowl. We let him know how stoked we are on him! Dave Hackett came by with his wife and daughter and drew some insane lines and heavy airs. He was no joke! It was a great family day. To all the dads out there- Happy Fathers Day. Thanks to William Sharp for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Angelo with dad, family and friends. Fathers Day.