Ozzie Ausband

relics from our past?

Treasured heirlooms. Shoe boxes of faded mementoes. Yellowing photographs and keepsakes. In skateboarding, I know of several people that hoard images, stickers, boards and other ‘collectables’. Some pool skaters collect light plates, tiles and even pieces of old coping. While at his house, Lance once pulled me to the side and said - “You’re going to love this!”. With that, he produced one of the olive drab Powell Peralta bombs that were originally hanging up on the light posts during the Marina Gold Cup contest! I held that thing in my hands for a long time.  A relic from our past… indeed.

Subsequently, I saw this image of Duane at that Gold Cup contest. One can easily see the bombs hanging above the pool. These days, I see Duane pretty often. He is a living and breathing example of a pure skateboarder - 100% heart & soul. He has given everything and then some! He came and tore down many hurdles and barricades so that others could follow him and do this thing we do. Without Duane Peters … the new age probably wouldn’t be dawning. The ability to throw yourself into the abyss with abandon… simply wouldn’t be. Duane came along and did it all way before anyone else. A relic from our past? I don’t think so. We all owe Duane a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. Thanks Duane…. you rule! Thanks to MRZ and Glen E. Friedman for the images. Skate- Ozzie

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