Ozzie Ausband

Not so funny.

[caption id=“attachment_1969” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“The fire-blistered deadpool.”]


“Uhmm, dude?! You might want to think about calling 911…
In California, we seem to have natural disasters on days that end in ‘Y’. Daily, our biased news carries more horror into our living rooms. The ‘Accu-wrong’ forecasters call for this or that weather and only heat, wind and dessication continue to be the norm. Its like that ‘Cars’ song, ‘Heartbeat City’. The singer croons, “…and happy days we’ll count on thumbs.” I feel bad for another persons misery…its how I am wired. Empathy. For every fire or earthquake, there is -unfortunately- plunder. When a fire occurs, the firemen pull up out front & run hoses into the backyard pool; pumping it dry in an attempt to put out the inferno. I applaud their efforts. These fine men & women do society a great service at huge risk to themselves. I want them to know, I am here for them. Someone must come along after the ashes have settled and clean up those properties; clean out those pools. I am here to inform you that I would be perfect in that capacity! So, know this. When you read of another disaster striking …rest assured that I am out there in the darkness somewhere; ready to do my part for a clean, well-ordered society. Thanks to Dan Bourqui for Zarosh image. Skate-Ozzie