Ozzie Ausband

Bucky Lasek's BOO-BQ

Captain Jack Lasek... cuts through the air.

Bucky’s Boo BQ. This year it was Halloween costumes, family fun, great food, drinks and skateboarding at Lasekland. The day started early for everyone. Tents were erected, drinks iced down, food prepared, stickers placed and sore muscles stretched out. During last years Bucky BBQ, it came close to being a rain-out but we prevailed. This years event began with a sun-kissed sky, perfect weather and a nice breeze. The costumes were incredible.


Dave Duncan - kicking it.

Chef Christiano Goulart, wife Katie and Nicholas... Rock Lobster

Sergie Ventura and Tony Magnussen

Brian & Cristen Fick- 'Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth'

Josh 'Jeff Phillips' Stafford- He kept it real all day long!

Captain Jack Lasek- unleashed the pirate's booty at days end by dropping dollar bills on the children.

Andy Mac- looking spooky

Cookie & Red Vines

some stuff just aint right...

There were the usual suspects in attendance. I have to admit, there were as many heavies on the deck as there were in the bowl. I caught glimpses of Hewitt, Navs, Alex Perelson, Danny Way, Mayer, Lopez, Magnussen, Hackett, Chris Miller, Sam Beckett, Alphonso Rawls, Sergie, Duncan, Daniel Cuervo and a bunch of others. Families were everywhere. There were tents filled with food, drinks and swag around the entire perimeter of Bucky’s bowl. The skateboarding started with a warm up session and then really cranked up a notch in typical Lasekland fashion.

Dave Hackett

Jason Flav Richardson

Warmups. Paul Luc, Steve, Zach, Stafford, Poynter, Elise, Bucky, Cookie and Paul.

Darren Cookiehead Jenkins- making Whoopie with Madonna

Zach Miller- Stale Chicken

Corey Juneau- Hosoi in Spandex

Captain Jack Lasek

Josh 'Phillips' Stafford was in 80's gnar mode all day. Boneless

Paul Wisniewski- The Full Monty

Andy Macdonald. Hang em' high.

Jeff Hedges- Inversion. "This aggression will not stand man!"

There were some pretty insane runs going down. Steve Revord rolled around in full Motley Crue garb complete with a guitar. Bucky’s bowl is no joke at all and the last thing you want to be thinking about as you approach the coping is, “What the Hell am I doing with this guitar?!” Jeff Hedges inverted, Jason Richardson flew, Bucky cut the air like a knife, Cookie was ruling completely and was voted MVP for the day, Andy crushed, Austin Poynter was Teflon smooth, Zach Miller pulled a sick backside lipslide and just about everything that could be done by anyone was put down.

Steve Revord AKA Nikki Sixx

Austin Poynter. Good Lord!

Brad McClain let down his hair...

Julz- 5-0 turbo blaster

Pierre Luc Gagnon- Dances With Wolves

Jason Richardson- Flavor Flav

Peter Hewitt - flying 5-0

They redesigned the slalom course for this years race. The race started in earnest and it grew heavy pretty quickly. Andy Mac, Zach Miller, Jason Richardson, Bucky Lasek and a long list of riders dropped in and began the serpentine rip ride through the bowl and  around the cones, as each pushed for the fastest time.

Andy Macdonald- despite some really fast times, he was overcome by a guy in a pirate costume.

Cutlass in hand, Bucky sliced through the cones with the fastest time.

Pirate Booty. Bucky opened up the treasure chest and turned loose a rain of dollar bills on the crew assembled there. Money was dropped for best trick, good tricks and all tricks in between. Trick or Treat? Yeah….  Bucky understands the value of a dollar. Tricks were in abundance.

Josh Phillips- tailgrab nosegrind = $$

Bob Burnquist- switch boneless = $$$$

Josh Rodriguez- front blunt sliiiiiiiiiide into some $$$

Tom Schaar made enough money for tricks that he was dropping 20$ bills on the children at the end of the day.

At days end, everyone was happy and healthy. The crowd was well-fed and generously liquored. Money was raining from the sky and even the children were placed into the bowl and treats were distributed. There was a great deal of laughter and fun seen all day. As the sun set, I looked over at Bucky. He had just taken a good long run in the bowl. It was a banger! He was sweating and grinning ear to ear. He smiled to himself as he drank water and looked around at all the fun he was responsible for. We smiled with him. Thanks to the Bucky Lasek family for the great times!


Bucy Lasek would like to thank the sponsors of this event right here and now.



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I would like to thank Bucky Lasek and his family, Grind For Life, Jim Goodrich, Dan Sparagna and Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie