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Alex Perelson - Guest Post

Alex Perelson - tearing shit up

Brian Fick showed us this pool in Vista. The deathbox is right near the hip and the tranny is kind of kinked. It took me a few times going there to get this 5-0 fakie. I was scared to come in fakie through the kink and slammed a few times trying. The other shot is from when I went with Jon Spooner, Fick, and his roommate John Torchia to the hills to shoot his AK47. I’d never shot a gun before. There were dirt roads far behind our targets so we had to be careful not to shoot too high. Guns are serious, I don’t feel comfortable holding one because - in reality-  all I could possibly do with it is damage. It was a lot of fun though. - Alex Perelson

Alex- 5-0 to fakie deathbox

I personally think that Alex Perelson is one of the greatest exponents of vertical skateboarding the world has ever seen. He is skateboarding perfection. Thank you to Alex Perelson for the memories and Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie