Ozzie Ausband

February cold.

Jim Goodrich told me that he believes this image was taken on opening day at ‘Big-O’ skate park. He also said that he remembers it being really cold outside. I think that the ski parka & long sleeve makes it pretty clear. I love looking at images from the 1970s, because of the gear. Check out the ‘Sims’ cap he is wearing …or the ‘Jay Adams Flyaway’ helmet.It even appears that Dennis has a beanie hanging out of his left shorts pocket… Good stuff! A while back, I posted something called, ‘Cold-is the wait for nothing’. It was bleak & I wallowed in melancholy. No longer! I may not have much, for the average 46 year old man, but I am doing a cool interview with Lance Mountain, one with Dave Hackett & have started to make arrangements for a ‘Steve Olson’ post. The web site, ‘Typical Culture’ asked me to do the ‘Olson’ interview…I am stoked! I have all I need. I wish everyone  a great start to February. Remember, the cold will soon give way to springtime & warm skate weather will become the norm shortly. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image. Skate & stay warm. -Ozzie

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