Ozzie Ausband

it's draining...

Tom Knox

I dropped my cell phone into water yesterday. Such abuse & technology never walk hand-in-hand. I did the quick 'dismantle, dry-out' to little avail. You would think that for a pool draining machine like me, I could get a bit of water out of a cell phone....but alas! no such luck. I don't have money to eat half the time, much less buy a new cell phone. Life. I cursed in 4 languages when it happened. Very profane  words were uttered. Since  I was in such a foul mood last evening & ranting in colorful language, I figured we would keep things in black & white. Here is Tom Knox, high and dry at the lip of the pool. Keep an eye on your cell phone today. Thanks to MRZ for the photograph- SKATE-Ozzie