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New Blood / Trey Wood

Slob 360

Slob 360

An infusion of new blood is always a good thing. Periodically, a crimson gush of nitrous pulses onto the skateboard scene and infuses it with power and might. We’ve all seen it. Go back as far as one can remember. Jay Boy, Blackhart, Steve Picciolo, TA, Steve Caballero, Scotty Foss, David Z, El Gato, Tony Hawk, Mike Frazier, Bucky Lasek, Danny Way, Alex Perelson and the list goes on… To my thinking, these skaters and others like them, changed things. They changed the way skateboarding translated. Skateboarding. Expression. An infusion of new blood. Trey Wood has come along. He oozes style, power and technicality. He isn’t afraid to go big and he always goes fast. Those are admirable qualities. I’m happy he is here. I did a quick Q&A with Trey and this was what he had to say. - Ozzie





BTO- How long have you skated? Where did you start and why do you skate pools, vert and the Mega Ramp?

Trey- I’ve skated for seven years and I started in Tempe, Arizona. I skate what I do because I like to go fast and I love being in the air.

BTO- Who are your influences?

Trey- I like Pedro Barros and Bob Burnquist.

BTO- Do you have a favorite video part?

Trey- I like Jake Brown in Blind ‘What If”

Bob's Mega

Bob's Mega

BTO- I know that you skate the Mega Ramp. Tell us about your first experience.

Trey- I was nine years old the first time and I wasn’t allowed on because it had just been built. They didn’t have any chains on it so I was able to skate the quarter pipe until the cops came. I rolled in the first time and my trucks were so loose that I got more speed wobbles than I could handle.

BTO- Do you have a favorite vert skater?

Trey- I like Jimmy Wilkins because he has an awesome style.

BTO- Who are your sponsors?

Trey- Monster Energy, Blind Skateboards, Globe Shoes, 187 Pads, Triple 8 Helmets, So Cal Skateshop,  Bones Wheels and Uncle Skate Charity.

Thank you to Trey Wood for doing this with us. Thanks to Dan Bourqui and MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie