Ozzie Ausband

Archer Braun

Combi corner stalefish

A year or two ago, I was with MRZ and we were covering a Protec AM contest at Vans. I noticed a skater who was ripping really hard. He was a little dude.  He had such a great style and pulled some amazing backside ollies right out of the gate. I said hello to him and he was friendly and cool. He said his name was Archer. His wheels were spinning on his skate as he stood there and they sounded like they were lubricated with playground sand from a sandbox. I dug into my backpack and gave him a set of Swiss Bones Bearings. He lit up and thanked me profusely. In the contest, I felt that he got ripped off when he didn’t make the cut. In the subsequent article, I included a photo of him anyway saying pretty much the same thing. Archer ripped it!


Here we are awhile later and I am working with Aerial Action Sports in San Diego. I am trying to put together a team of rippers. Aerial has great boards that are made right in their own factory, good guys are behind it and positive skateboarding is what we all love. I recently asked Archer to come on board with us and check out the ztuntz (stunts) product and the team. We met up at the Combi and MRZ took some amazing images of Archer. I brought him a few 8.25 inch decks but Archer needs something a bit smaller so…  We’ll get him what he needs. Thanks to MRZ for the images and a big welcome to Archer Braun! Skate- Ozzie

blunt fakie on the Duncan

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