Ozzie Ausband

Tony Hawk / Guest Post

Tony Hawk - Frontside Ollie at Del Mar Skate Ranch
 Tony Hawk " I started skating Oasis skate park in San Diego. Once that park closed, I frequented Del Mar as it was closer anyway and it was actually better for learning tricks. I would get rides from people to the park. I started taking the bus from my school and I would ride the bus every day. My dad would pick me up after I was through. Grant Brittain was the Pro shop manager and he had just started shooting photographs. I started a 'Zine' when we were riding Del Mar. It was called 'Skate Trash'. I think we sold them for like thirty cents each. One day they came up to me and handed me twenty dollars. They told me that they had sold them all...  I was stoked and went to Denny's! At the time, we were skating anywhere that had good surfaces. I knew a guy who had a ramp and I would ride my moped over there and skate. One day, I was riding my moped home after a session. I was going down Birmingham and wiped out. I was still wearing my pads. I knee- slid right out of it and wasn't even injured!  After Del Mar Skate Ranch closed, I started skating the Fallbrook ramp. I ended up buying four acres of land and built my own ramp complex on it.  My days skating Del Mar will always be a great memory for me." - Tony Hawk Thanks to Grant Brittain for the image and Tony Hawk for the memories. Skate- Ozzie